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Veggie-Packed Omelette

There has been a resurgence of the egg, and we're 100 percent behind this shift in popularity. Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin B12, which is key for a healthy nervous system and metabolism. This omelette packs eggs with zucchini, kale, tomatoes, and lots of yummy spices for a healthy and filling morning or dinner treat.


3/4 cup sliced zucchini

1 loosely packed cup of shredded kale

½ cup halved cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp minced parsley

1 egg + 4 egg whites

3 tbsp almond milk or other milk of choice

½ tsp dried oregano

¼ tsp smoked paprika


Mist a frying pan with pam spray and saute the zucchini, kale and tomatoes on high for 2 minutes or until the kale is bright green.

Meanwhile, whisk together the egg, egg whites, milk, oregano and paprika in a bowl.

Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan on top of the veggies. Swirl it around, then reduce heat to medium and let the egg begin to set.

Let the omelette cook for 4-5 minutes, lifting the edge occasionally with a flipper and tilting the pan slightly so that any uncooked egg can run underneath.

Once set, flip the omelette in half and transfer to a plate. Serve with a green salad on the side if desired.

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