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Bye Bye 👋🏼 Double Chin

Get Contoured & Looking Good From All Angles. . ✔ Say Bye Bye 👋🏼 Double Chin. ✔ Define and double down on your jawline with MiniFX.   ✔  Destroys fat permanently & tightens skin under the chin!

 . #MINIFX the perfect non-invasive solution to tighten up your jawline and get rid of your pesky double chin. With minimal downtime providing permanent fat reduction and skin tightening. . Voted #1 Body Contouring Device in 2019 & 2020   Call InShapeMD today 704-817-9833 or Book Online! We can double down on that double chin!!! #MiniFX is for those areas with smaller hard-to-reach stubborn fatty tissue. Double chin, arms, and knees! ☀️🕶️🏖️👙 Call InShapeMD now 704-817-9833. Free consultation. Let us show you how!! . .#Minifx is on new pricing and packages!! . . . #minifx #inmode #doublechin #contouring #facialtreatment #facialcontouring #radiofrequency Reposted from @skinbyanita

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