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Learn How to Add Physician Weight Loss & Medical Aesthetics to your Practice

Weight Loss Physician

Create A Healthier Future for You & Your Patients

About InShapeMD  
With Science-Driven Results, We Know What Works!

Patient on Scale

InShapeMD has been changing patient lives for over a decade. We are a nationally recognized non-surgical medical weight management company developed by physicians. 


Our mission is simple: we are dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and ensuring their optimal health!  We use evidence-based practices researched supported by clinical research to help individuals lose weight and keep it off. Because of our multifaceted approach and comprehensive plans, patients turn to us when it comes to transforming their lives.

You might be wondering how we stand out in a highly competitive market, where diets and fitness regimens are a dime a dozen. Our answer is because we have a team of medical professionals working to create quality products and services that making losing weight easy and maintainable. 

Our proven programs are based on science, not trends!

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